Flipped Learning Method

The learning method is applied at TOP universities!

Flipped Learning is a studying method that is the exact opposite of the traditional studying method. The traditional one only focuses on the teacher and the theory. Flipped Learning, on the other hand, totally concentrates on the students. Before every lesson, students need to prepare for what they are going to learn with the material and lesson content provided by the teacher beforehand. During the lesson, the teacher and the students spend time putting the theory into practice, explaining any questions and training English skills.


Learning productivity gets raised by up to 80%!

The learning productivity can dramatically rise thanks to the excellent properties of the Flipomo method.
Great proactivity: This method requires students to prepare the lessons beforehand.
Various practice: Thanks to lesson preparation, teachers and students can focus on practicing the skills, doing exercises and solving any problems arising during the lesson.
Intense concentration: The lessons are broken into parts that include the most fundamental knowledge, which is why with only 30 minutes spent on studying on a day-to-day basis, the studying productivity considerably increases and there is no room for boredom while studying.
One-to-one class: This model helps stimulate the learning process in terms of time and make each student’s study individualized. Furthermore, with this model, the teacher will be able to correct more mistakes for students compared to studying models that include classrooms of numerous people, thus help students’ knowledge and skills rapidly improve.

An effective way of study applying the Flipped Learning method at Enkulu

Before lesson
prepare the lesson
using supplied material.

During lesson
practice skills
and solve problems.

After lesson
review knowledge
and do homework.

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